Five Dock Sports

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For fitness and health try these sports in Five Dock.

This sports noticeboard has been created for Five Dock sports to list the clubs, grounds, schools, courts and various other sports in Five Dock. If your club or sports center is not listed on this webpage, then use the link below to get your club on the sports noticeboard. Clubs and sporting groups can list their websites, matchs, registrations, fund raisers, contact details etc.

Five Dock residents can see what clubs, courts, fields, teams are available in their area from being listed on the sports noticeboard.

It is free to list your Five Dock club on this noticeboard and anyone can put their club or organisation on it.

You can use the sports noticeboard to manage your Five Dock team, club or school sports. The sports noticeboard offers : sports calendars, team management, team lists, family sports calendars, contact details, ground locations, team photos, age group coordination, SMS, notifications, team printouts, results and much more.

If you can't find a club to keep you fit then use the fitness challenge and compete against others in Five Dock at specific exercises.

Registered sports in Five Dock

      Drummoyne Rowers Inc
            Rowing at Iron Cove, Sydney

      Football Club Five Dock

      Sydney Rowing Club

Five Dock playing fields

Five Dock Park

Swim centres near Five Dock

Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre
Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre
Victoria Park Swimming Pool
Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre

Local tennis courts

Cohen Park Tennis Courts
Punch Park Tennis Courts
Birchgrove Tennis Courts
Ryde Tennis Centre

Golf clubs

Barnwell Park Golf Club

Local netball courts

Five Dock Leisure Centre

Local squash courts.

Concord Squash Club
W.S.L.C. Squash
North Shore Lane Cove Squash
University of Technology Squash

Sports schools

- football / tennis / swimming schools -  

Personal trainers

- PT companies -  

Player / team / social games

- i.e touch footy in the park -  

Five Dock sports calendar

Date Club Event

There are currently no sporting events in the Five Dock sports noticeboard calendar
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Can't compete in the Olympics? Try the Five Dock fitness challenge!

Five Dock fitness challenge

Name Challange Age Time

Register on the sports noticeboard for your 1k sprint, erg,
swim to see who the fastest is in Five Dock
How do you rate with the number of situps, push ups, rowing maching times?

   find out about the fitness challenge   


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