Boat booking system

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Migration from a white board to an online boat booking system

Managing the fleet

Managing a fleet of shared boats has never been an easy task. Many rowing sheds have either a white board or a paper-based boat booking register to manage their boat bookings. Knowing which boats are available, which boats are out of commission, and which boats are back in circulation has always been a daunting task.

Using the whiteboard or booking register meant that rowers had to drive to the shed, open the security doors, turn on the lights, and then ascertain which boats were available. They would then call each of their crew members to enquire as to who was available to row on the various days on which the various types of boats were available. If a session was cancelled the organizer would have to return to the shed and remove the crew names from the white board.

The old way

This was the case at Mosman, a Sydney rowing club, before they upgraded to the Sports NoticeBoard free online boat booking system.

Sportsnoticeboard boat booking system

Using the online Sportsnoitceboard, rowers are able to able to :
  • book a boat online from home, work or on their mobile
  • view bookings to see which crews are rowing and when
  • cancel a booking if necessary and so let other rowers know the boat is now available
  • check the status of the boats
  • view the history of bookings

Available boats and current bookings

List of booked boats

Training session boat bookings

Training sessions are fully integrated into the boat bookings. Rowers and coaches now have:
  • who is rowing
  • where and when
  • who is in which seat
  • book boats for the training session

Booking in session management

your training session

Smart phone bookings

When that call-in-sick comes late at night you can now immediately cancel your booking, or make an alternative booking from your smart phone.

Here are some screen shots of the smart phone booking system


view all the club bookings

make a booking on your phone

manage your training sessions on your smart device for all your sports

   Create a club noticeboard to manage boats   

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