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Organise Team Sports

Do you manage a team sports that really needs to get organized?

1.   For team sports do you need to know who can make it on Sunday?

2.   Who can't make it?

3.   Who is bring the oranges?

4.   Who needs a lift?

5.   Who is on holidays for 2 months or sick and doesnt want to get back to a flood of emails about old events and want to rejoin the team seemlessly?

6.   Who is on holidays in europe for a month and doesnt want to get woken up at 3am cause their blackberry keeps buzzing from emails about this weekends row?

7.   Your rowing at 6 am on Saturday and need to get back early to pick up Max and take him with your son to soccer?

8.   You do a summer sport and need to get everyones email addresses again for sailing?

9.   Dave sent around an important email last month about rowing and you deleted it by mistake?

10.   Your keen for an extra training session and you want to see who wants to join you?

Any of these reasons are why you should join the sports noticeboard to make your life easier!

Your Sports Team Noticeboard!

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