Fairvale High School

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Fairvale High School in Fairfield West

Sydney Grounds

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Ground status : UNKNOWN   The status of this ground is unknown. Councils / schools / clubs can update the status of the grounds from their iphones whilst looking at the ground - instead of the wet weather line.
Ground hire : Please contact council
Address : Thorney Rd Fairfield West
Wet weather : Unknown - please update
Noticeboard listed on : Fairfield West sports full screen view
Available sports : Register your club here for sports at Fairvale High School
Available players : Register to play sports at Fairvale High School
Local grounds : Granville Park, Fairvale High School, Coleman Park, Thurina Park.

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Rugby grounds Fairvale High School is used by the rugby clubs located near Fairfield West for Saturday morning rugby. This is also one of the training ground used in Fairfield West by the Sydney Rugby clubs for training of the local teams. Contact the council if you wish to play other sports on this ground. Fairvale High School might be good for jogging and playing touch rugby in Fairfield West.

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Personal Trainers at Fairvale High School

If you need a personal trainer at Fairvale High School or personal trainer at Fairfield West we will match you up according to your budget and fitness level and if you wish to train in a group or not.


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